Monday, August 17, 2009

Being a Feminine Gay Guy

Well, what it takes to be a feminine gay guy. First of all, you will be stereotyped in a second. And also, people will make fun of your mannerisms. But trust me, you will live. You will learn to adapt, bypass the sarcasm and evolve as completely different human being. You outside will bear no resemblance to your outside. In the process of shunning the world and its unwanted elements, soon you will be shunning yourself. Enough of self-pity. So, thought of writing out some of the deepest fantasies which probably every feminine gay guy harbors in their minds.
Inside every feminine gay guy lives a woman. In the every stage of life that inner woman self has its own desire and wish. But unfortunately, for many they never get realized. While growing up, when you see other people engaging in relationships – may that be high school crush or college time serious ones – you always feel left alone. Nobody ever knows about your crush. Have you ever watched pornographic films or magazines with friends? While all the other friends talked about the girl in the video you thought about the man in that. How his hard muscles flexed while driving “it” in the woman. You wish you had someone like him in your life – right?
A feminine gay guy always wants a man in his life. The man who will treat him like he treats a lady - both inside and outside of bed. But it is only the fortunate who gets such a caring, loving and understanding man in his life. Those who don’t get the man of dreams, at least they have their dream with them. Perhaps that is the driving force that they live for the entire life.
Romanticism is something which is inherent to the feminine gay guy. It is not the actual act of sex but the erotic feeling associated with it is what they look for. The physical orgasm is not unimportant but that’s not the only aspect of sex. The mental connection and the care, love involved with the act of sex is what makes it complete, wholesome. Small things in life bear great significance which others may overlook. For example, while living together the decoration of the apartment. It might seem frivolous for the other partner, but it is important. The decoration is not just for the people who come to your apartment, but it is also a self-expression. The whole act of decorating has something very erotic about it. It involves caring, looking after and these are some feelings which cannot be described by sex or clubbing. Small gestures of caring attitude is enough to melt the heart of your feminine gay partner. Bringing flowers is one huge turn-on and I can assure you that if you do so, that night you won’t even have to ask for ‘it’.
Another huge turn-on is cooking. Cooking a sumptuous meal for two people and having a nice romantic dinner or even a dinner on the couch watching on the television together is erotic for a feminine gay guy. It is not the dinner, not what is on the television but the togetherness, the warmth of nearness which is more important. I can bet you that if you create such an atmosphere, the feminine gay guy will even watch sports with you.
Now let me delve into the raunchier part of this aspect. In bed, obviously a feminine gay guy is a bottom. He always likes to be on the receiving end. But he dislikes just the “thing” being put in him. There has to be a fair amount of foreplay before the actual act can be performed. But very few tops actually seem to understand that fact. A nice backrub with soothing music in the background has huge positive effect. But the half-hearted one is actually destructive. And mind you people, it is very easy to distinguish between a mindless one and an attentive one. Slowly if you concentrate the rubbing efforts on one part of the body, it will have a dramatic effect. The softer and romantic kisses, touch will heighten the eroticism involved. After the foreplay just watch how your feminine gay partner turns into a nymphomaniac bitch. You will see all of your efforts bearing fruits in ways more than you expected. All you need to do is spend some time in heating up.
At the same time it must be noted that caring and moving acts done only for sex will have negative effects after some time. Few times you have to just give without any expectation. I can assure you that you will get royal treatment in totally unexpected way and at a totally unexpected time. You will enjoy yourself immensely. Trust me.

[Being a feminine gay guy myself, these all realizations are from within myself.]